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The New Standard
in AI written code.

Contact us to see what our Artifical Intelligence (GPT-3 driven) engine could do for your bussiness.

Secure your Data & Ensure Your Business is safe, from exploits fraud and idenity theft.

Over the last 18 months roughly 3 trillion in assets were siezed as cyber crime continues to grow expontationally.

We leverage our unique Ai platform, to uncover bugs, secure data, uncover vulernabilies, and track crypto asset movement.

Versatility defines our platform

We used all of github as the training set and with propritary tech, have created ai that can interprete semantics, images and then write and optimize code to solve what it discovers.

GP3-T from OpenAI  + a Universal ast parser, combined with cuda acceleration lets try 700 Teraflops an hour of calculations.

We can brute force a 14 character password create with scrypt in 19 minutes. Whats your security like? 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Working with the dod we are opening our tech to enterprises and businesses that find secrutiy increasing difficult to manage. inquire to find out if your company qualifes. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience




Indicators used


Of data protected a month



Platform partners

Open AI

Are You Ready to embrace  the future?

See what how we can proactively protect your site and assets from becoming a statistic.

Nebula LLC is proud to leverage bleeding edge hardware and software to provide custom hardware, hosting and application solutions. In addition to a through but painless removal of tech debt.

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